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The article linked below explores the increase of heroin use in university.  The article mentions that besides alcohol and marijuana use, heroin has become a popular drug amongst students on campus.  One of the reasons is due to college students’ misuse of prescribed opioid medication, which leads to an experimentation of heavier drugs, like heroin, when the high does not satisfy them anymore.  In addition, there is a drug culture within universities that has been esteemed, whether through Hollywood or various social media outlets.  Overall, this article is a great read for learning about heroin’s presence on college campuses.

Read This: Heroin Use on Campuses

The link below will lead you to an informative video that briefly discusses the life of a young heroin addict.  The video also includes the responses of the community and family members concerning close heroin addicts.  I highly recommend you to watch this video if you would like to grasp a bit of what a struggle heroin addiction is, or if you can relate it to yourself or a loved one.

Watch This: Click Here

Do This: How to Go Through College without Abusing Drugs and/or Alcohol

  1. Make sobriety your priority.  It is important for you to know that when you are sober you can accomplish more things in life.  Thus, list sobriety as one of your top priorities when you are in college.  
  2. Become friends with people of similar values as you.  In college, there are students who do not care for outrageous parties involving drugs and alcohol, but would much rather like to go out for a walk, or stay inside to watch a movie.  With such people, you can discover alternative ways to have fun with each other without using illegal substances.   
  3. It’s okay to say no!  There may be instances throughout your college career when other students will try to put you in a situation involving drugs and alcohol.  However, all you have to say is no.  It is just that easy.  For example, I have been teased about refusing to consume alcohol (underage) many times before, and I do not regret saying no.  In fact, it has helped me develop my character.
  4. Join clubs on campus.  At SUNY Oswego, there are over two hundred clubs that you can be a part of.  (You can visit: to see the full list of organziations you can join.) These clubs do not encourage the use of drugs or alcohol.  Instead, they exist to build you up as a person (career-wise, self-esteem-wise, etc.), which may prohibit your need or want to use such substances.  
  5. Know your goals and plan to reach them.  It is important for us college students to make long and short term goals.  Goals will keep us focused on future successes, and it will ultimately avert our attention away from a path of bad habits and behaviors.  
  6. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle.  There are three ways that you can live healthy.  The first is by making sure that your sleeping pattern is on point.  Try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night so that you may feel well-rested.  The second is by eating healthy.  SUNY Oswego’s dining halls offers an alternative to “junkie” eating, through their gluten free area, salad bar, and vegan/vegetarian options.  If you have trouble with healthy eating, contact the school’s dietitian, Sarah Formoza, at 315.312.3284.  Overall, healthy eating will give you strength.  The last way to maintain healthy living is by exercising.  When one is physically active, the body’s stress level decreases, and will make you feel like a champion.  (SUNY Oswego has two main gyms, Cooper & Glimmerglass, where there are personal trainers and fun workout classes.)  Pursuing these things throughout your college career will definitely keep you away from the use of drugs and alcohol.  

Do This Source: Staying Sober in college

Written by Angelica Perez, Peer Educator

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