The Lifestyles Center is committed to helping SUNY Oswego students pursue happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyles. We offer the following services:

Every Thursday night at 7pm  The Lifestyles Center sponsors an open mic night in the Penfield Library Café.
Every week we post a new issue of Toilet Talk in every bathroom on campus so you can leave the bathroom a little wiser in addition to being a little lighter.As a Peer Educator you could earn up to 6 credits by attending a weekly class, helping at The Lifestyles Center, working at our events, and educating the student body about ways they can improve their lifestyle.If you see the red wagon, stop over. You’re sure to find great information and cool Lifestyles Center giveaways.We offer a whole lot of information and education about alcohol and other drugs to help you live the life you want without having it ruined by overdoing it.