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One may ask, “Why do you drink?” Various answers could fall along the lines of “I use alcohol as a way of unwinding after a stressful week” or “I just have a few drinks with friends because there is nothing to do (their work is already completed of course) on campus.” Which ever their answer may be, it is still very important to know just how much you’re drinking and exactly what is in your drink. Alcohol is a substance that here in Oswego is not hard to get, especially if you know someone, and depending on what you buy, is affordable to get. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week was October 21-27, 2012.  This campaign was created by the BACCHUS Network. In 1983, Anheuser-Busch became a corporate sponsor to the newly established BACCHUS nonprofit organization of campus peer educators. During this week, Ted Winkworth, the campus Alcohol and Drugs Coordinator sent several groups of Peer Educators from the Lifestyles Center with the campus known “Little Red Wagon” with over 800 t-shirts to pass out to students who chose to participate in coming up with other ideas to do on the weekends besides drinking, or ways that their safety is ensured when they do go out.

Article By Mindy Farnham

Photos by Aaron Z. Lee