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Under the Wave, 2016. Artist: Kevin Dartt. Materials: Wood, Steel, Acrylic.

Under the Wave, is an interactive piece that was created to bring awareness to the environment’s polluted state.  Kevin Dartt’s sculpture tells a tale of how man-made materials have contaminated the wild, particularly the ocean and other bodies of water.

This piece was inspired by Katushika Hokusai’s renowned print, Under the Waves Off Kanagawa, which depicts a wave before it falls back into the sea.


The Tall Thin Woman, 2014.  Artist: Cathy Perry.  Material: Cast Aluminum

The Tall Thin Woman is a sculpture that depicts a dedicated farmer, who is standing in her flower garden.  Kentucky’s blowing wind is a feature in the sculpture, which can be seen in her skirt.  Furthermore, the woman holds a tobacco stick, which is iconic in America’s farming history.


Industrial Nation, 2011.  Artist: miChelle Vara. Materials: Steel H-Beams. Farm Implement Wheel.

miChelle Vara’s sculpture expresses her belief that “objects capture energy, spirit, and history”.  Industrial Nation is dedicated to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.  Both H-beams represent the twin towers.  The tilted beam depicts the increase of “human interaction, care, relationships, opportunities, change, and the horizon”.  The tall beam represents patriotism in the time of struggle.  Additionally, the wheel and hub keep everything in place, while advancing with the help of the military.


Divine Wind II, 2015. Artist: Jim Gallucci.  Materials: Stainless Steel Pipe and Sheets and a Corten Steel Base.

The artist of Divine Wind II, Jim Gallucci, created a sculpture that was made to welcome its audience.  Gallucci purposely chose the themes of “gateways” and “doors” to signify an entrance, although there are several meanings associate with those two words.  In addition, the sculpture was made to draw positive attention to art in public spaces.  


Prince, 2016.  Artist: Fredrick Douglass Schatz.  Material: Welded Steel.

For more than a decade, Fredrick Douglass Schatz has incorporated massive welded steel structures in his artwork.  Prince is considered one of his many self-portraits.  Through this piece, Schatz depicts his view of humanity’s relationship with the earth and with other people.  No matter how different we may seem, we are all similar in one way or another.  

Compiled by Angelica Perez, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Angelica Perez