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The truth is, they’re practically identical. Although adderall and meth are two separate drugs chemically, they are closely related. The components that make them up are almost the same, only one methyl group determines them to be different.

Adderall is in the top 10 as one of the most used illegal drugs nationwide on college campuses. Whether it’s for studying, getting through midterms or finals, or even popping a pill to stay up longer, adderall seems to be heard as one of the most well-known study drugs. Most people may be unaware of it’s harmful side effects or addictive qualities. But, this article seems to snap people back into reality. Regular meth users couldn’t even differentiate between meth and adderall. The effects of both drugs were THAT identical in nature.

A study was done to test regular meth users to see how similar adderall actually was to methamphetamine. The subjects were split into three different groups. Some were given a placebo, some were given meth, and some were given adderall. Both adderall and meth alike can decrease feelings of sleep/tiredness and they also keep individuals alert and focused. Along with plenty of other similar effects…

At the end of the trial, subjects were offered to take a sum of money or the drug they had been on. Keep in mind that participants were completely unaware that adderall was even in the trials at all… With that being said, they still chose adderall over the sum of money offered to them. They explained to the researchers why they chose it and why they thought it was meth. Only to find out, it wasn’t.

The researchers had determined the drugs produced similar effects. The only main difference was the injection methods. Meth is commonly smoked. Adderall isn’t. When meth is smoked, it produces a stronger intensity. They would produce nearly the same results if they were both taken the same way, but meth just happens to be smoked rather than by pill.

So now that these results have flooded the news… It needs to be spread. If regular meth users couldn’t spot the difference… doesn’t that say something? One drug is on the market legally, the other isn’t. They both produce similar results. They both can be highly addictive. Doing adderall is just like doing meth.

Written and Researched by Peer Educator, Megan Tuohey

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