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Well, what exactly is mental health? Mental health is your overall well-being. This specifically deals with your psychological state and emotional state. Mental health is extremely significant because it is needed to function. College years are the peak years for mental illness. Student have many responsibilities, most of which are new. Adjustment doesn’t always come easy and change can sometimes be too much for some.

In an article from TIME magazine, one student athlete experienced a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. Other people had friends who noticed their friend was acting different and sought help for them. Being aware that mental health is a thing is the first step in maintaining a happy, healthy positive mindset.

At college in particular, some students are exposed to new cultures, some people click with people they meet right away, some don’t. There’s also the difference in individuals when it comes to academia. There will be students in a class that received A’s on every test, and students who fail a few times before they pass, don’t let it discourage you or bring you down in anyway. We are all different. Just think if we weren’t our mom, dad and/or guardian wouldn’t be the special person they are to us today.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of students seeking help with maintaining good mental health. This increase number depicts the growing number of students who know what mental health is and who know just how important it is to keep your mind in good shape. Click the link below for information on our own Counseling Services Center!
Written and Researched by Peer Educator, Shakira

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