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With finals approaching, you are most likely getting stressed out. You have presentations, papers, and final exams to study for. At this point you just want to do well on them and get it all over with. As with the rest of the semester, you are always caught up in the grade you receive. When you begin to focus so much on grades, you start to forget the point of education.

Why do we put so much value on grades?

We are trapped in cycle of beliefs that good grades lead to a good job, to making a lot of money and supporting a family in which you can send your kids to college so they can get a good job and so on. However, with this mindset, our grades are determining not only our future, but our children’s as well! That is way too much pressure. We all know that sometimes our grades don’t reflect what we learned at all, so how could they reflect our future potential? They can’t!

What really matters- Education

You should try to value education for more than just a label. Education is about knowing more about yourself, the world and your place in it. When studying for your upcoming finals or preparing presentations, focus on what you are actually doing and are learning. You should put hard work in, but do so for the expansion of your knowledge. Then you will see your grades will reflect the work put in. However if there comes a time in which you studied hard and learned a lot and still ended up with a bad grade, don’t be discouraged. That grade doesn’t reflect your self-value.

Grade’s correct place

Grades are necessary for our education system. However, remember that grades do not define us. They aren’t necessary for our self-esteem.

So study hard to learn and enjoy the luxury that education is.


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Nicole Montera, Peer Educator