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While spring break can be a lot of fun and full of great memories, it’s also good to remember that caution and moderation is key to a safe spring break. We might feel invincible at times, but we’re only human.

Two years ago, a 19-year-old college student named Molly Ammon died of binge drinking over her spring break. She was said to be a responsible and smart person by others. Her mother, Angie Ammon, was devastated along with the rest of Molly’s family. Angie Ammon made a Facebook page, “Molly Ammon Spring Break Awareness” to try to prevent this from happening to any more families through education of the prevalent binge drinking during spring break and the reality of its dangers. She wants spring breakers to look out for each other and call help if it’s needed.

Spring break can be a positive experience, but it’s best to remember the dangers of drinking too much. As Angie Ammon said, “You would so much rather be that mad at your child than face a lifetime without them.”

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