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According to a study done by UCLA the incoming class of Freshmen College students in 2014 may be facing more mental health related problems than anybody previously thought.

“The University of California, Los Angeles, Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s annual survey shows that incoming students in 2014 reported the lowest level of self-rated emotional health since the survey began 49 years ago. The survey included responses from 153,015 first-time, full-time students at 227 colleges and universities.”

They are spending less time with friends than they ever have before and are more stressed because of it. Kevin Eagan, director of the UCLA project said that he saw a connection between this decline in socialization and decline in mental health. However there was also an association between the use of social media and depression.

“The survey findings reinforce a University of Missouri study of college students released earlier this week linking heavy Facebook usage with feelings of envy and depression. Similar research in Austria in 2014 showed the more time someone spent on Facebook, the more they felt like they were wasting their life.”


What can we do here at Oswego to break this trend among incoming freshmen?

Jessica Sauerwald, Peer Educator