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You’ve got to love WebMD (queue sarcasm). Anyone can go on that site and confuse a slight cough with pneumonia. However, taking this into consideration, and cautiously approaching the website, an article by WebMD, that discusses how anyone can change their eating for the better, is helpful. The article talks about the small steps that people can make to their diets to make sure that we all improve our health. Many people (including myself ) are guilty of the belief that not eating junk food all the time guarantees that they’re healthy. However, we should all make sure that we incorporate fruits, vegetables and water into our diets, as well as cutting out unnecessary sugary foods. Well mostly. It is okay to succumb to some ice cream every once in a while. WebMD also stressed portion control. Personally, this is one of my biggest issues. How much is too much? How can we guarantee that we don’t take too much? This is simple: when snacking, try not to eat directly out of the bag. Instead, put the amount that you desire to eat on a plate, this can help with portion control. Even go for a small plate compared to a full size plate. Finally, one of the most important details that I took from this article was to never skip meals. I always feel terrible once I skip a meal. In addition to the terrible feeling of hunger, we are also more likely to eat way more than we are supposed to later on.

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By Xaria Anderson, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Food Pyramid