Lifestyles Center Blog


Well… hello hump day! Did you have any idea that the Lifestyles Center at the back of Mary Walker Health Center is the hub for 15 condoms for a $1 condom sales on hump days? Did you also know that other than Wednesdays there are condoms available Monday to Friday from 8:30pm to 4:30pm, 10 condoms for a $1? If you are an RA or Peer Educator, you have access to 15 condoms for a buck all day er day?

I know what you may be thinking….what if you miss hump day and it’s Friday night and you are on your last condom? Where should one go to replenish their supply? Check out a residence hall vending machine! The LSC keeps you stocked with 3 condoms for 75 cents. Can anything more important be less expensive to a student like you? NOPE.

In the event that you are not on campus and would like to utilize a community resource for protection of your private parts, contact Oswego County Opportunities (OCO). OCO and the Lifestyles Center has a partnership and you should definitely tell all your friends about their transport services that bring condoms right to you! Need free Plan B to go with the free condoms call or text 297-5757. Please keep in mind that they most likely take up to 72 hours to get these services out to you. So feel free to plan ahead. This would be a perfect service to use over a long weekend like we just had.

Written by Suzanne Campbell, Toilet Talk/Blog/Social Media Graduate Assistant

Photo Cred: Aaron Lee, Graphic Designer at SUNY Oswego