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Now, perhaps more than ever, social media has a consistent and constant impact on us and our daily lives. Sometimes, it can feel like our entire life is engulfed in it.  We post everything on Facebook and Twitter.  From what we are doing to how we are feeling.  When you are going through a tough time your post might concern your friends on Facebook.  

For those people, a concern for your well-being and how you are doing, has been made easier with sites like Facebook. To ensure the ability to help, Facebook has teamed up with Now Matters Now, The National Suicide Prevention Hotline, and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention.  If your friend is concerned with another’s well-being, he or she can now report this post with more helpful options than ever. The new feature provided by the partnership, now includes a variety of options to seek help, not just delete, the worrisome message. First introduced in March 2015, the feature still allows the user who posted to make any final decision as to whether or not to seek help. But, with the opportunity to seek out aid now presented, the acknowledgement and groundwork for change has been laid. This feature, may be the thing that will help someone from going through with suicide.  

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Written By Emily Cooley, Peer Educator