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Graduate school applications? Oh, you mean paperwork, essays, recommendations, GRE’s, and big decisions. For my fellow seniors, this can be a very stressful time. A lot of work goes into applying to grad school. And once you’re actually there, it only gets harder. This article is not meant to discourage you; quite the opposite, actually. The truth is, graduate school is not for everyone- and that’s okay. So before you enroll in that program of your choice, consider why you want to go.

  1. What will you get out of studying at that institution/being in that program?
  2. Even if you love what you’re studying, it will be stressful. Will you be able to handle the long nights of studying? Is what you are studying worth the stress?
  3. Are you passionate about the field you are studying for?

Being honest with yourself about your reasons for going to graduate school will help you get more out of it if you do decide to go. It will keep you grounded, motivated, and always looking forward.


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Grad school, workforce, Peace Corps- whatever you decide to do after graduation, do what is right for you.

Elana Ginsburg, Lifestyles Center Intern

Nicole Montera, Peer Educator