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In previous days, we’ve talked about the controversial debate of research arguing that e-cigarettes are safer or more likely, more dangerous than the use of normal cigarettes. With the possibility of cancer an eminent result soon to be found and plenty of growing statistics surrounding the use of these questionable products, it seemed only due time for a survey on public perceptions to be done. In the article below, NPR discovered that 57 percent of people polled agree with proposed regulations through the Food and Drug Administration on e-cigarettes. In addition, the survey found that nearly 2/3 of college educated individuals believed that the FDA should do more to regulate these problematic products. Some outlined parts of proposals include the ban of selling e-cigarettes to minors and necessary warning stickers. Currently, the FDA does not regulate e-cigarettes. Read more by following the link below.

Riley Ackley, Lifestyles Center Intern

Photo Cred: Variety of tobacco products