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Whether at a concert or going around town, losing your friends in a crowd can happen far too frequently. During the night, our campus and the surrounding area thrives with people going to movies or seeing friends. And, with everyone out on the town, it can be hard to keep track of every one you went out with. That may change now that a group of students from the University of Washington have created a prototype bracelet that will help your group of friends stay connected throughout the night.

Called the “Vive,” this piece of jewelry allows you to connect with your group of friends through a social media outlet. The way the vive works is with the use of micro sensors to track your BAC level and your hydration levels. The vive checks in periodically throughout the night by vibrating at various times. When felt, the user will squeeze the band if they are okay and safe. If you are in a situation or too drunk to feel the vibrating after a couple of times of not squeezing the wristband, it will alert your group that you are not in a good situation. This device is not just used for you to keep an eye your friends but also as a way to stay connected with one another. This outstanding invention could aid those who have had too much to drink, but also help in aiding people who could be possibly assaulted.

For more information about this sweet invention visit:

Smart Bracelet Lets You Know How Drunk You Are And Tells Your Friends Where You Are


Written by Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: VIVE