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With finals quickly coming to an end, the stress and pressures of school will soon disappear (at least temporarily). But, what’s next? Many of you are thinking “sleep, eat and sleep again.” However, this is not true for everyone. Some will be taking advantage of the winter break to get some money for next semester’s bill. Others might be taking classes they need in order to graduate on time.  Nevertheless, winter break (as with any other break) is meant to be a time to relax and do other activities outside of studying. In her article, “College Winter Break (Survival) Tips,” Kristen Healy shares different ideas on how to spend a winter break. She suggests various activities such as volunteering (which she states as being a great way to give back to the community and start building your resume). She also points out having a change of routine; such as taking a trip as a successful “wind down” for your brain since it will allow you to do something new and excited. Whether you decide to spend your Winter Break just chilling with your family and friends back home or get an internship, just keep in mind that breaks are meant to give you a mental break as well. Try to relax, minimize your stress, and find more incentives that will keep your motivation up next semester.

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Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

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