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Recently a student from India living in Hart Hall was accused of raping another student in the dorms. The student from New Delhi, India was charged with first-degree rape, a class B felony. He is currently being held in the Oswego County jail and is placed on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled for a court hearing on Wednesday. This is the seventh report of forcible rape at SUNY Oswego in the last five years. When a sexual assault occurs on campus, it is reported to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Under Title IX, sex discrimination and sexual harassment is forbidden. The federal anti-discrimination law sets up ways to prevent sexual discrimination, as well as a system for reporting incidents, including rapes. Victims of sexual assault report the crime to the police as well as to the Title IX office, which is in Culkin. The coordinator is Lisa Evaneski. Once a crime is reported, the school must complete an investigation of the incident. Recently, a Columbia student carried her mattress because she felt that the school mishandled the investigation of her case.

If you or a friend have been a victim of sexual assault or discrimination, it is important to report the incident immediately. You should also preserve evidence by not showering, changing, brushing hair or teeth and then have an examination at the hospital. Although dealing with the traumatic event may be difficult, it is important to write down all that happened. Finding help from friends, family, or counseling services will also help you deal with the event.

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Natalie Sumski, Peer Educator