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It’s that time of the year; the stressful point where everything seems to come in all at once. You are running from one place to another with a cup of coffee in your hands, hoping to make it through the day and finish the project that’s worth 25% of your grade. Suddenly, the night comes and the project is not done yet – Oh no!

Then you remember that earlier, someone gave you a “power pill.” Many thoughts come to your mind: Weighing the pros and cons you may consider finding another. Well, there are many people, especially students, who have been in this situation and have chosen to take that pill. In this New York Times article, Alan Schwarz lists testimonies of a variety of college and high school students that have had and still have a personal experience with drug prescription abuse. – /

Then to build on this article, Amanda Gardner informs us with statistics of prescription drug abuse. For example, 30 percent of college students and 8 percent of high school students have taken non-prescribed prescription drugs. Using one particular story, Gardner tells us how everything can stem from something as menial as a migraine. However, as both she and the boy points out, even when no migraines were present, the boy still took his painkillers because he liked the feeling of “euphoric numbness.” Time passed by and before he realized it, he was trying to find something stronger.

Prescription drug abuse is not a new problem, but it is a problem that deserves more attention. We might not see it and we might think it is “normal” or of no harm in use, but that is only true in proper usage. We need to open our eyes and STOP becoming a statistic. If help is needed, seek it out- It is never too late.

Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

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