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Hump Day Article: What’s on Campus For Me?

Welcome back from winter break! Whether you’re a new student or returning and have already forgotten everything (it’s been a long break), here are some campus resources you can take advantage of this semester:


Mary Walker Health Center: The building is located on Lakeside, past Penfield Library but before Scales residence hall. The Mandatory Health fee you pay in the beginning of the semester means that you receive care from the staff all throughout the semester. They offer Mono, Strep, and pregnancy tests for free and STD testing at a low cost. During flu season, they offer free flu vaccines for students! Mary Walker’s staff is happy to help you with any health concerns you may have. The hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Walk-ins are taken from opening until 10am. After that, it’s advised you schedule an appointment by calling 315-312-4100. If you are feeling ill outside of these hours, you can call 877-617-9538 to speak with a registered nurse and get advice. If it could be life-threatening, you can call 312-4000 for SAVAC, our student ambulance service.


The Lifestyles Center: We are located in the back of Mary Walker Health Center, on the right side! Come visit us, the Peer Educators and staff are friendly and helpful. The Lifestyles Center specializes in peer-to-peer education on social issues and it is a safe, judgment-free zone. Keep a lookout for our Red Wagon around campus and come to some of our events like Open Mic on Thursday nights at Lake Effect Cafe! We also sell condoms, 10 for $1 and 15 for $1 on Wednesdays (that means today!) You can drop by the Center if you want to learn more about us.


The Counseling Center: Located in the back of Mary Walker on the left side, the Counseling Center is a great resource if you have any concerns about your emotional health. Their service is covered by the Health fee as well. They also have Peer Educators (P2Ps) that are there to better the Counseling Center and reach students in need! The Counseling Center is available for appointments Monday-Friday, 8:30am-noon and 1:00pm-4:30pm. They have daily crisis hours if your concerns require immediate attention. After hours, you can call 312-4416 to speak to a licensed mental health professional.


OCO: Off-campus, but provide services on campus every Thursday at the Health Center. OCO specializes in reproductive health, contraceptive services and well woman annual appointments. If you want to make an appointment for ON-CAMPUS, make sure to say that you want to be seen on the SUNY Oswego site. Their number is 342-0888.


The Compass: Branching away from health, The Compass is located in the Marano Campus Center. As its name suggests, The Compass is there to help you find your way academically. Here’s where you should take your questions and concerns about your career path and possible majors and minors that could fit what you want to do after college. They offer help with resumes and career planning. You can work with the staff to get yourself on track!


The Writing Center: The Writing Center wants to help you with any issues you may be having with a writing assignment. Whether it be a small, minor paper or a larger research paper, they are here to help! They want to help you figure out how to develop your paper and understand the assignment so that you can give it your all. However, they are not an editing service. They have three locations. One is on the third floor of Penfield, one is in Johnson Hall and one is in Hart Hall. They have different hours for each location. Information on making an appointment and the hours of each location can be found here:


Any questions?


Emily Klingbeil, Peer Educator