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Hillary Clinton is a diplomatic “know-it-all” dressed in a pantsuit.  And, Donald Trump is dirty-mouthed rich guy.  Could both presidential candidates be more different?  Yes, indeed!  However, these two have a bit in common, “from their age to their millions, their hair color to their home address.” We can point out the similarities that both Clinton and Trump share.  If you can see the comparison, it is a bit comical.  

Let us start with their blonde hair.  Donald Trump’s unique hairdo is well-known, BUT do not forget about Hillary’s blonde hairstyle, which is kind of matched up with Donald’s.  Who wore it first?

Age-wise, they are both from at least a century ago (just kidding, but really).  Clinton is 68 years old and Donald at 70 years old.  This must explain Clinton’s corny youth slang,  “hot sauce in my bag swag” (referring to Beyonce’s song “Formation”) and Trump’s discriminatory remarks; for instance, classifying undocumented Mexican immigrants as “rapists.”  

Next, they are somewhat “New Yorkers”.  Trump was raised in Queens, New York, but now he lives in a “modest” penthouse located in Manhattan.  Clinton, who was a New York senator, splits her residence between two locations.  One is in the suburbs of Chappaqua, New York, a rather affluent area, and the other spot is in Wall Street, to keep in touch with her “regular” citizens.

Yet, most New Yorkers know that neither Trump nor Clinton are the real deal because they don’t even ride the subway.  How would we really know if they are down with the 99%?

Clinton and Trump were both Democrats in the 90s.  Clinton had a Republican upbringing, but as a first lady she was a Democrat, and still is.  As for Trump,  although it was a bit over a decade ago,  please do remember that he has been quoted saying, “I probably identify as more of a Democrat.”  Thus, that is similarity number three.

These two presidential candidates support universal healthcare.  In 1993, Hillary helped her husband and former president, Bill Clinton, to create ‘HillaryCare’, which was not successful.  So now, Hillary supports ‘Obamacare’ and she swears to improve it.  

A section in the book, The America We Deserve, Trump thinks ahead of his time in regards to universal healthcare.  In recent moments, Trump has praised Canada and Scotland on their healthcare system, but Trump has made it clear that that would never be the case in the United States.  

Furthermore, both Clinton and Trump have made bad real estate investments.  Starting with the Clintons, they purchased swampy land in the White Rivers of Arkansas, which is also known as the White River scandal.  Very corruptdiddlyumptious… Then, we have Donald Trump, who placed a Taj-Mahal casino on the dingy shores of Atlantic City, which obviously was set up for failure.  Thus, both are guilty of making sketchy real estate investments.

Next, both of their daughters are a part of the family business.  As a matter of fact, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are friends! Both daughters have spent their time and efforts campaigning for their parents.  Chelsea is on the board of her mother’s Clinton Foundation, and Ivanka is the executive vice president for one of the branches for Trump Organization.  I wonder who’s the favored child in the family…

Money-wise, they both have a lot of it.  Trump made a good portion of his money “the old-fashioned way” through inheritance.  The rest he worked for in real estate and gained by gambling.  Clinton also gained money “the old-fashioned way” by marrying into it, then serving in public office.  Overall, they both have more money than all of us.  

They both have had international political influence.   Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state during the WikiLeaks, the Arab Spring, and the Benghazi attacks.  Donald Trump’s international involvement is the Miss Universe beauty pageant, as well as the relationships with foreign models as wives.  

Lastly, they are both supporters of Hillary Clinton!  Back in 2008, Donald Trump recorded on his blog, “Hillary is a smart, tough and very nice person, and so is her husband.  Bill Clinton was a great president.  They are fine people.  Hillary was roughed up by the media, and it was a tough campaign for her, but she’s a great trooper.”  Hillary would say the same.

Researched by: Angelica Perez, Peer Educator

Photo Cred:Here& Here