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The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is coming up! Some people know what Earth Day is, but may not know what it’s really about. Earth Day is a day created to bring people’s awareness to how significant it is for people to take care of the Earth and ways to do so. In the past Earth existence has been compared to that of a forest, to illustrate the impact people’s dissipation has on Earth.

The article attached focuses on the reasons why sustainability is gaining momentum and why it should. Businesses have become involved in the environmentalist movement because it allows them to save finances and gains them popularity. Studies in the article I read returned interesting results that practicing eco-friendly habits made an individual generally happier. This doesn’t surprise me because when I know I’m doing something good I’m happy. The article also noted that a lot of athletes have been promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle as well, after all they are outside often and share a tight relationship with the Earth. But, we can start being sustainable by turning the water off when we brush our teeth, paying attention to recycling, and using low flow shower heads. Helping the earth starts with its inhabitants. That would be you.  I’ve included our schools sustainability page as well. Make the most of this years Earth Day!

Written and Researched by Peer Educator Shakira Samuels

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