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Oswego has rough and bitter winters that seem to be ten times worse, due to the wind that comes off of the lake. Winter time is full of watching movies with friends & family, catching up on sleep, and most importantly eating home cooked meals. This frigid weather often forces us to want to stay home and in bed, however, once summer comes around, we always regret the lazyness. Alana Brageri is a writer for, who explored options and alternatives to a healthy lifestyle during the cooler months. Brageri had many suggestions on how to maintain a fit and active lifestyle, which can be found here:

Having a consistent and regulated diet and exercise schedule are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Staying active is key to having a successful winter both mentally, physically, and even academically. Staying active helps eliminate winter blues. The lack of sun and warmth gives people little to no motivation to step outside and get fresh air. This can lead to seasonal depression and anxiety in some cases. Staying active and forcing yourself to venture outside is a crucial part of winter that many people forget. Physical activity during the day also promotes a more healthy sleeping schedule which is always a plus. Not to mention, what can be better than having your summer body already in shape by the time spring rolls around.

With the snow on the ground, outdoor activities such as snowboarding and skiing are options that do not exist in the summer. These two activities keep you outside in the fresh air, as well as fit while having fun. Ice skating is also a challenging sport that involves cold weather. Although indoor ice rinks are common for hockey players and figure skaters to practice during warm months, during the cooler months, outdoor ice rinks are wonderful. Gliding on ice while the snow is falling is an amazing experience. Going for daily and weekly runs are also still possible despite the cold weather! If you are someone who enjoys running, do not let the cold weather prevent you from your hobby. Layer up! The more clothes the warmer you will be. Make sure to wear layers that allow you to still be active and absorb any sweat. Being cold and wet can possibly make you sick! Sweat resistance is a must, as well as hats, gloves, scarves, and warm socks.

Are you someone that prefers staying indoors because the cold is just too unbearable? That is completely understandable! Many gyms, including Cooper and GlimmerGlass, offer indoor classes. Often times these classes are daily and weekly and they have quite a few options for times. Classes vary from things like yoga, zumba, and pilates to things like kick boxing and weightlifting. Also, take advantage of personal trainers! They help form a schedule for you and can figure out a workout plan that works best for you and your body type. Work out DVD’s and tapes have become more common over the past few years. Well known celebrities and actresses/actors are always releasing there workout tips and secrets to maintaining there great body. Rent a fitness DVD from your public library for free! Or you can also go on youtube and search for some fitness clips! These are great ways to stay fit in the comfort of your own home.

Staying fit is an extremely important part of having a successful winter. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to having a good life all around. Keeping the winter weight off, and the activity at a high, will help you succeed in all aspects of life. Remember to check out Alana Brager’s article,”How to Stay Fit During Winter” on Her healthy mind, and realistic point of view allows her to conceptualize workout/healthy living tips for everyone! Finding new and creative ways to stay active and fit are important for your transition from summer to winter! Both indoor and outdoor activities are enjoyable to many during the winter months.

Written and Researched by Jenna Uryevick , Peer Educator

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