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“Here’s what Actually Happens When you Smoke Weed”

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This article explains the effect of marijuana on your brain in a very understandable way. Personally, I am pretty unknowledgeable about how the drug actually works on the brain. I am a science driven person and like to know how things work in my body. This article does a nice job just skimming the surface of how the science works to make it easily understood by most people.

The article explains how there are two main cannabinoids (chemical compounds) contained in marijuana, the commonly known THC, and also a compound called cannabidiol CBD. I was only aware of THC and knew that it was the thing to cause the feelings associated with using weed. THC is what’s responsible for the dopamine release which causes the euphoric state most people feel when high. CBD however does not have psychoactive effects. This compound causes pain relief and relaxation.

Most of us are aware that everyone has different reactions to marijuana. There’s the friend that’s slumped down on the couch, eyes are barely open and with a lasting smirk on their face. Then there’s the other friend who gets anxious and worried about irrelevant things. This is explained by the different levels of THC and CBD. This is also strongly influenced by the individual. Everyone has different levels of hormones and neurotransmitters. I found this very interesting, I always wondered how every person had such different reactions.

The article shies away from the controversial long-term effects. Everyone has their opinions on this, and opinions really are all they are because there is a lack of scientific evidence to support or refute these claims. However, with the information of how the drug works on the brain people can at least be knowledgeable of what occurs to the body when using marijuana. With anything from food, to drugs, to lotions, people should know what they are putting into their bodies and the effects it may have.
Researched and Written by Peer Educator, Amanda George

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