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In the Buzzfeed Life article attached below, different users of antidepressants discuss misconceptions of usage. The article, while simple and not necessarily “factual” in the scientific sense is certainly useful. The people who talk about what they go through are actually using the drugs and offer personal insight on the effects of the drug on their body and mind. It’s important to remember, not only for your own benefit (if you should ever need to take them), but for others as well. You never know what someone is going through or how it affects them and their daily life. As the article notes, drugs affect everyone differently and the responses that result may be good or bad. These aren’t drugs that make you completely happy. They come with a variety of other factors. Read below to educate yourself and if you believe this is something that may be helpful to you, go to your family doctor to be referred to other mental health resources.

Written By Riley Ackley, Peer Mentor

Photo Cred: pills