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Staying home while all your friends go out can sometimes be kind of a buzz kill. Even though you’ve been with them all day, you never want to miss out on a good time. For a matter of fact, you hate missing out. You wish there could be some alternative way to go out with your friends without them constantly trying to shove a drink in your hand. You just know you’ll hear the phrase “How are you not drinking right now???” about a million times. And you might even start to feel the temptation to take a sip because your friends could “drive a nun to drink” as one would say. All you want to do is avoid the drinks, but you don’t know how to do it efficiently.

        Here is the perfect solution to help you out with your dilemma! This quirky Buzzfeed article provides 13 easy ways to avoid drinking at a college party. Whether you feel pressured by others or you’re tempted on your own, play it smart and know what to do. Even doing something simple like bringing water and pouring it in your red solo cup can be a game changer. Sometimes you just have to fake it to make it peeps!

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Written by Megan Tuohey, Peer Educator

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