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Finals week is almost here, and let’s be realistic; going to the gym is not the main priority for most of us. I mean, think about it. The time it takes you to go to the gym, change (if you are not wearing gym clothes), put your staff away, and hope you get to the cardio room during a time when it’s not filled up, can be a lot to deal with. However, that should not be an excuse not to workout. This link will take you to an online blog article where writer Elizabeth Narins provides you with “13 Creative Ways to Get a Cardio Workout in Your Bedroom.” She gives you instructions on how to do the workout, as well as a video where she performs each workout and talks about it. Being able to see the workout will show you how simple and effective these workouts are. Nevertheless, she also has a “Where you’ll feel it” section that informs you what part of the body you’ll be working out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a quick and effective workout in your room.

Written by Stacy Palacios, Peer-Educator

Photo Cred: 5 minute workout