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Perhaps the most difficult time to find motivation to exercise is wintertime. Between finding a good gym and shivering under seven layers of thermals, the seemingly logical thing to do might be to call it quits until spring comes around. If you want to keep up with your sets and reps despite the cold, this is a great article for you!

This article listed off a few great ways that you can exercise indoors, and then shares ideas on how you can take those tips even further. For instance, it states that ice skating is a great idea to get your blood pumping. Then, it “takes it up a notch,” and has a little routine for you to follow if you aren’t a professional skater.

Instead of mall walking, as the article suggests, you can use our buildings on campus for the same thing. All of our academic buildings have stairwells to climb and hallways to stride through. As long as you’re quiet walking past in-use classrooms, doing laps through the buildings is a discreet and even relaxing means of exercise.

Of course, we have two fitness centers on campus that have a $50 membership per semester ($90 for the whole year) for all SUNY Oswego students. Glimmerglass Fitness Center is located between Onondaga Hall and Oneida Hall, underneath Littlepage Dining Hall, while Cooper Fitness Center can be found between Funnelle Hall and Hart Hall, underneath Cooper Dining Hall. Both have all sorts of great equipment for member use, and offer personal trainers and group classes.

Winter is the ideal time to take advantage of your indoor resources if you would like to get in shape. If you plan to go outside, be sure to bundle up, and wear gloves; the beginning stages of frostbite are common when you spend too much time outside without protection. Stay safe and get that blood pumping!
Researched and Written by Susie Fox, Peer Educator

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