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It’s that time of the year again! You know it, where your workload is up to your eyeballs and you wait till the last possible second to do any of your work. The inevitable consequences sometimes lead to the use of chemicals to affect our bodies and keep us focused. These “study drugs” are very big problems because if you take prescription drugs that are not yours, you are putting yourself at a major risk. In this Huffington Post article, it talks about how colleges and universities are seeing increases in this type of behavior. They say these drugs are designed to help increase the dopamine levels in the brain of a person with ADD or ADHD, because research has shown that people who have these types of disorders have a decreased amount of this. To a person who has regular amounts of dopamine in the brain, it makes them feel euphoric and restless.

These drugs can be compared to “street drugs” like cocaine. The negative effects they have on the brain include crashing after the drug wears off, increased blood pressure, and depression. Also, using drugs that are not prescribed to you may turn deadly. One example of this is Richard Fee, who became addicted to study drugs when he was still an undergrad in college. He completed suicide after he ran out of pills.

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By: Peer Educator Emily Cooley

Photo Cred: Procrastination