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Talking about sex and what goes on behind closed doors is considered taboo. GYT or (getting yourself tested) is also a very hard topic to talk about even with your intimate partner. This Cosmopolitan article explores the lives of some young individuals who have either had an STD or have had a partner who has had it, and how they dealt with it. One of the things I found most interesting from this article was from Sara. She said that after she contracted an STD, her viewpoint on sex changed completely. Before she got the STD she would just assume that if the guy didn’t say anything about having an STD, then she thought that he was clean. Now when she is going to hook up with a guy, she makes sure to ask when the last time they got tested was. She says that it may be awkward to ask someone about STDs, but at the same time, sex is awkward. That is why it does not hurt to talk to your intimate partner about getting tested because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Written by: Peer Educator Emily Cooley

Photo Cred: Practice Safe Sex