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The things you’ll see, the people you’ll meet, and the places you’ll go. Finals week is the week when things get weird. You’ll find yourself doing some bizarre things just to keep it together for a few more days. But it’s totally fine because everyone is doing the exact same. Everything you do is socially acceptable. You can look like you got hit by the ugly truck, and it’ll be ok.  You can eat, sleep, and live in the library and it’ll be ok. Even crying is socially acceptable. No judgments attached, we feel you. How everyone handles this type of stress differs. You’ll see all different types of people in the library. The ideal student is supposed to create study guides, study weeks in advanced, and organize their time efficiently. Unfortunately, this isn’t the majority of us. Here are the types of people we will most likely see (and may even be) in the library:

1)   The perfect student. This is self-explanatory.

2)   The person who needs 110% to pass the class. The student that barely showed up to class and did a limited amount of work throughout the semester. They’ve literally done nothing and just started to put in effort this week. They’re always banking on the final.

3)   The procrastinator. The person who puts off work. You’ll find them in the library on social media, putting off studying until the last minute possible. They’re the people that are unprepared and always cram.

4)   The lost puppy. Yea no, they have no idea what’s going on.

5)   The obsessive highlighter. The person that brings 20 different colored highlighters to the library. They’ll spend hours highlighting information rather than studying it.

6)   The sleeper. The person that is always sleeping. They can sleep anywhere at anytime. You’ll catch them napping on a table in the library with a blanket wrapped around them.

7)   The stress eater. The person that always has food. They eat their way through finals week. It can be annoying to sit around them because they always seem to chew so loud.

8)   The glarer. The person that needs absolute silence in order to study. You’ll receive the nastiest looks across the room for breathing loud.

9)   The moocher. The person that asks for your study guide, textbook, and notes for the exam. They just never want to do the work themselves!

10) The complainer. This is the person who spends more time talking about how much they have to do rather than doing it. They just “can’t even” handle this week. Like we know you have 3 tests tomorrow back to back, you’ve told us twice already.

        I don’t know about you, but I definitely recognize some of these studying habits. It’s weird because the way we act during finals weeks is not what is expected of us. We are expected to be the perfect students, the overachievers, and the try-hards. But, social norms change and the way we think and handle stress differs amongst us. It’s important to identify who you are during finals week so that you know which areas you need to work on!



Written by: Megan Tuohey, Peer Educator

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