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It’s the third week of the semester and you feel so proud of yourself because you have been hitting the gym every day. You begin going harder every time you go in order to gain those dreamed about muscles or that flat belly you have always desired. Don’t get me wrong. It’s amazing knowing that you have taken the decision to be healthier. However, not exercising properly, with all of the pace and gradual climbing necessary to doing it right, you can eventually hurt yourself. In her article, “How Much Is Too Much Working Out?” Natalie Gingerich elaborates on different research facts related to exercise abuse. She goes on to provide tips to ensure one’s not overdoing it.

It is human nature to be anxious to see immediate results, but as Dr. Holly Parker, a professor from Harvard University, said, “The benefits you want from working out—getting leaner, stronger, healthier—reverse when you don’t take breaks.” If you are a beginner, taking baby steps is the best you can do to ensure a good outcome. In addition, Gingerich’s article stresses alternating one’s workout days so that the mind and the body have a break to gain more energy and ensure a better workout. Overall, take care of yourself and remember that there is no way we could’ve been able to run if we didn’t learn how to walk first.

Written By Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Aaron Z Lee, Graphic Artist for the Lifestyles Center