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As each weekend ends, each Monday begins. And, as every student in the world knows, these can be the hardest of days. Mondays bring with them classes, meetings, and daily tasks that you may have mistakenly put off this past weekend. Waking up early, leaving your room, and maintaining your schedule can prove to be difficult but, by starting off your day with our exciting and entertaining bits and pieces, you can begin to Master Mondays. This week’s topic is mental health, below we have accumulated a list of pieces.

Watch This:
In the attached video provided by Ted Talks, a presenter discusses commonly held beliefs of society on mental health. One of these irrational beliefs, that mental health is a stigma, and that drawing comparisons of having a mental health disorder is similar to a daily activity, are troubling at best. In addition, the video addresses the fact that the body and mind are completely interconnected. Lastly, the video looks at the held belief that people who have mental health disorders have a definitive death sentence.

Read This:

The above article showcases a variety of visuals that can make mental illness easier to understand. With statistics provided from the CDC, this easy read is a beneficial one.

Do This: Quick Tips On Overcoming Stigma

  1.   Don’t take it personally: Overcoming anything is a learning process, use your time helping others understand instead of resenting them.
  2.   Share your story: Chances are, the people who share in the stigma’s promotion know little about the topic. By sharing your personal experience everyone can grow.
  3.   Share statistics: Strengthening the case against social stigma could be as easy as sharing statistics about the vast diversity of people affected. Discussing matters like the fact that 1 in every 4 people are affected by a mental illness in a given year is an easy way to create large scope contextualization.
  4.   If possible, don’t hide your illness. One way to overcome any hardship is to talk about it. Entering a topic into the conversational sphere helps make the hardships of some visible to many.

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Riley Ackley, Peer Educator