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Meet Peer Educator Colleen!


Colleen is a Junior first semester Peer Educator!

Major: Human Development- With this major, Colleen hopes to have a career working with students. She is even thinking about going into higher education!

Favorite part of Peer Education: Outreach- she likes being able to talk to students she has never talked to before and meeting new people.

Fun fact about Colleen: she is consistently positive. Over time, she has found a very healthy outlook on things. She is realistic about things but she knows how to go with the flow.

Favorite animal: She loves whales because they are majestic and beautiful. She even dressed as an orca for Halloween in second grade!

Colleen’s advice: Flush with your foot


Meet Peer Educator Cori!


Cori is a Sophomore second semester Peer Educator, you might recognize her from the spring!

Major: Art and HDV- Her aspiration to be an art therapist goes with peer education because “therapy is a field where you help people and peer education means always educating and helping students.”

Favorite part of Peer education: Open Mic Night- Cori was actually the Open Mic Peer Educator last semester! Her job was to keep things running smoothly each Thursday night.

Fun fact: Cori loves the outdoors. She loves the outdoors because it usually means she’s being active, which she really likes to do. Also, the fresh air makes her really happy!

Favorite color: Blue because she loves swimming and looking at the sky (more outdoorsiness for ya!)

Motto: Everything happens for a reason.


Meet Peer Educator Sarah!


Sarah is a Senior second semester Peer Educator. She started in the Spring with Cori!

Major: Communication/Social Interaction- Sarah isn’t entirely sure what she wants to do after graduating in May. She hopes to work for a not-for-profit organization for a while and then perhaps move on to higher education. As long as she is working with people she is happy, which is why she loves peer education.

Favorite part of peer education: Forming connections- she loves talking to SUNY Oswego students during outreach, open Mic, and other events. She also enjoys meeting staff and faculty at the school. One of her favorite aspects of the Peer Educator position is when students recognize her after having talked to her.

Fun fact: She is also an RA in Seneca and a Writing Center tutor- she likes to be busy but she still leaves time for friends and Netflix.

Favorite show: Gilmore Girls- she has watched the entire series 4 times and cannot wait for the new season coming out later this year!
Written by Sarah Pasquarelli, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Sarah, Cori, Colleen