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SUNY Oswego has been a smoke-free campus since 2015.

Watch This:

Need a new scent? Ready to eliminate that house odor? Boy have we got a product for you… Introducing Nico Breeze!!!!! The knockoff Frebreze brand that comes in two gut wrenching scents: Cigarette pipe and cigar fragrance!!!!

        All jokes aside, this video uses great sarcastic humor to explain some of the effects of smoke. “See how their eyes tear with joy” depicts how the guests’ eyes are watering. This is due to the harmful eye irritants in the smoke. “Smell how inviting your house becomes” is another humorous phrase because we know tobacco smoke reeks. Yet, I think my favorite part of the video is when everyone is coughing. The lady exclaims, “Listen to how good everyone feels!” Meanwhile, we know that poisons are entering the body as the guests inhale smoke. Poisons that can even lead to cancer… There are also a lot of other damaging effects that smoking can have on a person’s body and you will progressively learn about them throughout the week. I just happened to stumble upon this video and thought it was a perfect way to set a light mood for the rest of the week!

Read This:

Yes, I’m sure you’ve already heard the detrimental things that will happen to you through tobacco use. You expose yourself to carcinogens and are at high risk to develop respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, onset diabetes, strokes, infertility, and so on…. I’m sure you’ve been warned at some point in your life about how smoking leads to cancer. Did you know it is actually responsible for 87% of lung cancer deaths in America? Probably not. But, instead of repeating the basics back to you and throwing the same stats in your face… I shared this article to articulate some of the benefits that appear when you reduce the amount you smoke!

Do This: Find other things to do instead of smoking! Here are some inspirational ways you can decrease your smoking habits.

  1.     Distract yourself: Keep busy and surround yourself with people who can help take your mind off of cravings.
  2.     Use an app: Certain apps can track how much money you spend on smoking. The amount you spend might motivate you to cut down and realize enough is enough. Apps can also tell you how many cigarettes you haven’t had, how long it’s been since you last smoked, and can even show health progress! An example of this is the Kwit smoking app. It’ll show you your progress and will continue to monitor your progress every day. It designs specific personal goals, updates you when you’ve achieved those goals, provides you with motivational phrases everyday, and it will help you strengthen your will power!
  3.     Delay smoking: Keep telling yourself you can wait another hour to smoke. Continuously push off smoking in short time increments. Your cravings might be reduced or significantly decrease in a short amount of time. Another thing you can do is limit the places you allow yourself to smoke, for example, eliminate your car as a zone you can smoke in and continue from there.
  4.     “Snap” your cravings away: Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every time you have a craving. The snap will give you a moment to think about things before you consider giving in to a craving.
  5.     Try gum, candy, or carrots: Chewy snacks can help with the urge to constantly have something in your mouth. They work as a mini substitute for cigarettes! Even lollipops can be beneficial when stopping a craving.
  6.     Exercise: Working out helps fight addictions because hormones are stimulated that attack stress and anxiety. Exercise is also proven to double the success rate for quitters.
  1.     Listen to Music: Music can change someone’s whole mood! It’s easier to take your mind off of cravings when you’re relaxed and jamming out to your favorite song.

Written by Megan Tuohey, Peer Educator

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