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Alcohol has always been and probably always will be a controversial topic. This is especially true of college age drinking and consumption on campuses. While many myths have been established regarding alcohol and its effects, there is information present that is more factually based.

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In the video below, YouTuber ASAPScience describes what alcohol does to your brain. Going through the variations of why alcohol makes you feel and act in a certain manner is laid out. Considering the short length of the video, they certainly pack it full of detail!
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In this Forbes article, the writer discusses some of the dangers of binge drinking on college campuses. From here, he jumps into some of the compromising situations that students find themselves in. Due to being intoxicated, these people can hurt more than their physical wellbeing. The writer also examines what drives college students to consume so much alcohol any given day.

Do This

When deciding to go out, it is important to think straight to make sure that you are drinking safe. Below are some important tips to recognize and take with you:

  1. Limit Yourself. While it can seem hard to resist that next drink once you’re out, try to ground how much you drink. Leave the debit card at home and allot yourself only a certain number of dollars. And, if you plan to “BYOB” buy an amount that you know you can drink safely.
  2. Eat Up. Not only will this help you throughout the night, but drinking on an empty stomach can make you feel sicker the next day.
  3. Take A Breather. While not the “cool” thing to do, taking a quick break to go outside and get some air can be a life saver. In addition, drink some water. While seemingly obvious, not properly hydrating is a huge cause for alcohol poisoning. Feeling like you need to “fit in?” Put said water in a solo cup.
  4. Friends Are Forever. This one combines a couple different points. Firstly, friends should be there to keep you safe. Make sure that you are a good bystander and look out for one another. Know their limits and ask them to know yours. In addition, long walks home in the cold can be no fun. Designated drivers are also really important. Take turns and share the wealth.
  5. Know Your Drink. Not only is it important to not drink suspicious or unwatched alcohol, but it is also important to never drink something without knowing how much alcohol and what kind of alcohol is in it. Mixing can be hazardous.

Written by Peer Educator Xaria Anderson & Peer Intern/Mentor Riley Ackley

Photo Cred- Drinks