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Whether you are living in a dorm, a college house or a single bedroom in your parents’ home, you can benefit from learning how to make the most of a small space. If you live in a dorm, you basically own two square feet of space. If you live in a college house, you probably have a bathroom in your kitchen, no dining room, and the ugliest carpets known to man (Most college homes are like a trip to Wonderland). If you live in your parents’ house you are probably in your room a lot because you are so sick of living with your parents. has an entire page designated to decorating small spaces. It shows you how to maintain a green thumb without a backyard, how to make a tiny bathroom seem huge, and how to maximize storage in a tiny bedroom.

Watch This:

My friend Alyssa Levenberg has an entire YouTube series dedicated to informing SUNY Oswego students. She has videos of move-in day, the dining hall, the different residence halls, living with roommates, etc. The series is called, “Alyssa Explains it All” and you can find it on the SUNY Oswego YouTube channel, sunyoswegovideo. This YouTube series is especially awesome because Alyssa is an extremely involved student who loves our school. She knows the ins and outs of the campus and answers all of the students’ questions.

Do This:

There are so many lists on what to bring to college so I will not bore you with another one. However, there are not many lists on what students ALWAYS forget to bring. Even if you’ve already moved in, you can take a trip to Wal-Mart before classes start to grab these things:

  1. Paper towels and other cleaning supplies. These WILL be used. No, the dorms do not have custodians like they do on television. If you spill coffee all over our floor, it will not magically disappear. Also, there will be three centimeters of dust on your desk by November and you will not want to use an old pair of underwear like some sort of 1950s rag.
  2. Speaking of underwear, you will use every pair. If you think you have enough underwear, you do not. Laundry day will come once a month and surely you’ll lose pairs in those washer/portal machines meaning you’ll need like 30 additional pairs.
  3. Scissors will also come in handy for you and everyone around you. Nobody remembers to bring scissors, but they are so necessary.
  4. Power strips will be your best friend. There will be approximately two conveniently place outlets in your dorm or house. Power strips usually have at least six outlets, so you will not have to crawl under your bed in order to charge your phone.
  5. An eye mask and earplugs will save you hundreds of hours of sleep- believe me. If your Monday classes start at noon but your roommate’s starts at 8:00 a.m., chances are you will still wake up at the break of dawn when they turn their brighter-than-the-lights-of-heaven lamp on and slam the door three times while getting ready.
  6. One fancy outfit should be a requirement since you will go to a few nice events and present multiple times throughout the year. Nobody will care if you repeat the outfit and it is more than likely that nobody will even notice. You might go to a formal, an induction ceremony, or a birthday dinner so chances are there will be different people at each event anyway.
  7. Rain boots are the one thing that I forget to bring every single year. Wearing moccasins in the mud is one of the most disgustingly squishy feelings that you will ever experience.
  8. TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA. You will be cold at night, you will be sick at least once and you will need caffeine in the middle of the night at one point or another. There is chamomile for when you want to relax, green for when you are on a health kick, black with honey for when you are sick and Earl Grey for when you need a pick-me-up. If you do not want to run down to the hall’s microwave I highly suggest purchasing an electric kettle. Mine was like $15 at Walmart. Do not forget your favorite mug!


Written and researched by Sarah Pasquarelli, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: room