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Feel like you know everything this campus has to offer? Feeling accomplished with yourself and ready to start your year? Well, the truth of the matter is, there is always more to discover about our growing campus. Learning about the resources the college can offer you can be a great way to get the most out of your year; whether you’re a freshman or a senior or anywhere in between.

Watch This:

When you applied to SUNY Oswego had you seen this video? It’s an awesome way to get acquainted with the college if you’re a freshmen and if you’re a senior it will certainly bring out the good vibes of nostalgia. Watch it and see just how vast this campus truly is.
Read This:

Think you really know this campus? Well unless you’ve explored the home page, chances are there is still more things to do. While it can seem so basic to post about the campus’s website, actually taking the time to search through it and learn about the things this campus has to offer is valuable. Library databases and internship applications can be the first step in the right direction. In addition, discovering a new minor or finding out how to study abroad during the semester is right here.

Do This:

Visiting these places on campus can help you to better establish yourself and your future!

  1. Visit The Point in Marano Campus Center. Become a true Laker by getting involved. Find out what the Student Association has to offer you. Don’t see a club that interests you? Well The Point can help you create your own.
  2. Know where to get help. Visit Mary Walker for a variety of health related issues and topics including how to handle colds and the flu and sign up for counseling sessions. They can also aid you in seeking outside resources like the ones dealing with sexual assault and student conduct.
  3. Read signage. Not only does this campus offer a plethora of posters with upcoming events, we also have televisions running advertisements. Who knows you may find something you love!
  4. Go to hall events. Sometimes, nothing can seem more silly and pointless than going to hall events. However, because of the information you can get, their ability to create a social atmosphere, and the opportunity for free stuff can all be major draws.
  5. Meet With Your Advisor. This one should be a given but meeting with your advisor to better set up a path to graduation is key. Making these bonds and connections from the beginning will likely enhance your windows of opportunity in the long run.

Written by Riley Ackley, Peer Mentor & Intern