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Although current researchers are still debating whether or not e-cigarettes are safer, public perceptions seem to think that they are a much less dangerous way to smoke or should even be used as an alternative to quit smoking.

Overall, people still don’t seem to know as much about electronic cigarettes as they should. With so much varying research ongoing, scientists have not been able to pin point a definitive answer as to whether or not electronic cigarettes are as harmful. However, in the meantime, here are some things that have been proven.

Watch This:

In this Buzzfeed video, some facts about e-cigarettes are provided. Ranging from general trivia of when they were created to more legal perspectives on them in comparison with normal cigarettes. The video provides a lot of foundational knowledge necessary to keep yourself up to date.
In this Risk Bites video, the speaker breaks down what it is like to “vape”. Although scientific explanations can sometimes be difficult to understand, the researcher’s creative illustrations allow for easy comprehension. Through illustration he objectively explores both sides of smoking electronic cigarettes. To him, the environmental impacts of e-cigarettes are far less harmful than that of typical smoking. However, he also addresses how through vaping, your body is still being pumped with nicotine and highly toxic doses of chemicals.

Read This:

The CDC article below gives us some shocking statistics about a transitional number of youths who are now starting their smoking habits not with cigarettes, but with e-cigarettes. The CDC also conducts many other interesting studies about teenagers and e-cigarette habits.


Do This: Avoiding The E-cig Craze.

  1. Avoid High Pressure Situations. Seemingly a cliché, the truth is that many people are at a point in their lives where they are willing to try things because it looks rebellious. Listen to your parents and to yourself and just say no.
  2. Look At Your Options. While those involved in an addiction can seem hopelessly lost on the journey to quitting, realizing that there are plenty of methods is an important step to ending the nasty habit.
  3. Know The Difference Between Ads and Research. Don’t give into advertisements that you see. The popularity of e-cigarettes is often attributed to the “delicious flavors” that they come in. However, these “flavors” are far more dangerous than eating an actual piece of fruit. In addition, when looking at research, make sure the sources are reputable and real.
  4. Do Your Own Research. If you are anything like me, you would want to know everything that you are putting into your body. Good or bad, you shouldn’t want to rely on word of mouth about something so potentially harmful. Whether or not you choose to use e-cigarettes, you should still try to learn as much about them as possible.

Written by Xaria Anderson, Peer Educator

Photo Cred:tobacco photo