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With the start of a new semester, there is always the chance to improve yourself and become a better you.  With that, some people want to get into to shape or become healthier.  With all of the information out there about getting healthy, the chance to become confused as to where to start off with “being healthy” may be presented.  With the many different facets of getting healthy such as eating right and carving out time for exercise in an already busy schedule, it can seem overwhelming.  In this Mastering Monday we will give you some tips on fitness and how to be successful!

Watch This:

With this simple kickboxing routine, you can learn how to start working out, while picking up ways to defend yourself.  And, if you’re finding that you previously had been doing the same routine day in and out, this will spice up your boring workout.  If you are concerned about taking time out of your day, that’s okay! This workout is only 15 minutes, so you can go on with your day, shortly after getting in a good routine.  This is a great way to get some exercise without it feeling like exercise.

Read This:

This article talks about how women want to lose weight fast.  In attempting to do so, the writer points out how many will turn to diet pills for help. Hollie, who is one of the featured women, tried “herbal diet pills” that she thought were healthy due to the title of the product, when in fact she had developed health problems like kidney and bladder disorders.  This article just shows how unregulated the diet pill industry is, and how carelessness may be doing more harm than good to your body when taking them.  To read the full article:

Do This:

  1. Schedule when you work out.  It may not seem like it but if you schedule your workouts for the same time each day you will be more likely to stick with them, than had you sporadically picked times throughout your day.  Even though people say that they do better without planning, humans are creatures of habit and organization.
  1. Start off slowly: Starting off with running three miles your first day, is not a good way to start off your journey towards a fit and healthy you.  If you start slowly and work your way up to three miles (or whatever) it will get easier. If you go way too hard you risk pulling a muscle. This will set you back on your timeline to reaching your fitness goals.
  1. Set goals: Make sure you set realistic goals for yourself. If you try going to the gym without setting goals, it will be difficult to accomplish anything. Goals even the small ones like losing a pound a week are realistic AND those pounds add up!
  1. Share with social media: This may be an unconventional way to motivate yourself, but it actually works really well for some individuals.  What may have been out of the public eye, now leads to the public expectation that you will go. If you share a status on Facebook like “I can’t wait to go to the gym today,” well-wishers and viewers will expect you to follow through, which holds you accountable to workout that day.
  1. Watch what you eat: If you want to be successful, you can’t expect working out to cover your unhealthy eating habits. Working out is only 30% of the equation. 60% of getting fit is eating right and not eating junk food or oversized portions.  Replacing a bag of chips with vegetables chips like “Terra”, is a small change that is more likely to get you substituting for other healthy snacks.

Written By Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Run