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Fall has officially arrived. Which means Halloween is just around the corner! Growing up, Halloween meant trick-or-treating for bags full of candy and dressing up like our favorite monsters (or, if you had a mom like mine, some various fruits and vegetables). College might make the way you celebrate Halloween a bit different, but you should still know how to stay safe on a spooky night!

Watch This:

To start, check out this helpful (and funny) YouTube video by Lisa Schwartz. Looking at Halloween, Lisa quickly goes over some important things to remember about Halloween activities. Through comedy, Schwartz provides sensible tips like dressing for the weather and choosing costumes in good taste.

Now that you’ve watched it, you may have noticed that Lisa didn’t mention Halloween as a college student. However, her points apply to the more adult alternatives to trick-or-treating, as well. Instead of finding a house with a “Take One” sign, you might encounter a plethora of drinks at a Greek life party. You’ve probably paid for access to them, but you should still be careful about how much alcohol you are indulging in. And definitely inspect anything suspicious. Instead of stale candy, be on the lookout just in case someone wants to spike your drink with something dangerous. Lastly, always be aware of your surroundings and don’t take drinks from strangers!

Read This:

To stay safe this year, read this first article with four easy-to-remember tips on how to have a great night and live to tell the tale. (Yikes…that’s a little morbid. But it is Halloween, so I guess we can be a little frightening.)

This next article gives you a little more insight as to why it’s so important to make an extra effort to stay safe during the scariest holiday of the year. In its reports, researchers found that 44 percent of the fatal car crashes during Halloween weekend involve a drunk driver and that 23 percent of pedestrian fatalities were caused by a drunk driver, as well.

Do This:

  1. Be comfortable. While you can dress up as whoever or whatever you want, please be comfortable. Get creative and make an outfit that is both cheap and warm. Remember: there are plenty of cute or cool outfits that also involve a sweater. =o)
  2. Don’t harass anyone for what they’re wearing. Comfort levels vary from person to person. As a general rule of thumb, there’s no need to judge others based on what they choose to wear. Halloween is a once-a-year chance to dress up however you want, as whatever you want. Let people go crazy!
  3. Use the buddy system. Going out alone should never have to be an option. Whether it’s a holiday or not, you should always bring at least one friend with you. Whether at a party or a bar, always let someone know when you’re leaving and where you’re going.
  4. Be cautious on the road. If you’re walking, be extra careful when crossing the road. Make sure that you are in the clear so that you don’t become another statistic. Drivers may not be able to see costumes that are especially dark so late at night.
  5. Never drink and drive. By the time you start college, you’d hope that lesson would have been engraved into the brains of students everywhere. Even so, it happens more often than it should. So let me say it again: if you’ve been drinking, do not drive!


Stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween!

Written by Peer Educator Allison Flanagan

Photo Cred: Halloween graveyard