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“Mode of Action (alcohol dependence)”

Understanding how a substance works on your body is key information. Personally I find it extremely interesting to see how the brain is affected by the food/drink/substances we consume. I do not believe that is common knowledge why some people are more prone to addictive tendencies. This cartoon video (narrated by a nice British voice) runs through how alcohol affects the brain and how some people’s brains allows them to control alcohol intake and others to become dependent. This break down really helped me to understand that it isn’t a matter of willpower when it comes to these addictions, but actual physiological factors influencing our choices.  

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“Am I Alcohol Dependent?”

Alcohol dependence can have serious consequences for you and other people in your life. We often think of alcoholism and dependence as people who get extremely drunk almost everyday. But there are varying degrees of dependence. This article gives the example that if you “can’t conceive a Friday night without having enough drinks to get a bit tipsy” you have a form of alcohol dependence. I think this statement can relate to a lot of college students. While yes it is by all means okay to go out and have a good time, if you find yourself needing to drink every single weekend and without it you feel sad or a bit empty, you could be dependent.


Do This:

  • Take a weekend off. If you do find yourself drinking every weekend, try to spend a weekend without a drink.
  • Give yourself a set point. Maybe think of alcohol more life junk food; it’s okay to have in moderation but it is important to have limits.
  • Find other activities you enjoy. This is important for everyone. Try to find activities to fill your time so you don’t find yourself stuck in boredom and reaching for that bottle of fun. If an activity was truly enjoyable enough, one would not have to be intoxicated to have a good time!

Researched and written by Peer Educator, Amanda George

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