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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Unfortunately, we’ve all been guilty of skipping it at one point or another or just eating a donut instead. Here at Mastering Monday, we’re looking at why Breakfast is so important. Hopefully after reading this article you’ll be better able to master breakfast in time for tomorrow!

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Foods to Avoid for Breakfast

Pastries: They are loaded with carbs and sugars with little to no nutritional value!

Super Sugary Cereal: Anything that is multicolored and filled with marshmallows is a clue that you shouldn’t be eating it. Watch out for the healthy options too they can be coated in sweet stuff.

Processed Meats: Traditional breakfast meats such as sausage and bacon have been to lead to heart disease.

Eggs with extra fat: Eggs can certainly be healthy. However just watch out for the ones that have way too much extra fat!

Bagels: Be cautious about what bagels you get and what you put on top. Adding butter or cream cheese adds many calories! If your going to eat a bagel go whole-grain!

Fruit Juice: Even though they do have fruit in the name it’s not as healthy as it sounds.They tend to be absolutely jam packed with sugar.

Cream and Sugar Packed Coffee Drinks: Stick to black coffee if you’re feeling tired and groggy, or add just a little low fat milk and healthy sweeteners. Baristas can go overboard with extras!

For more information on foods to avoid check out the article:

Jessica Sauerwald, Peer Educator