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This is a quick, cute video that lists eighteen different ways to study more effectively. The most useful hacks for me were those which pertained to procrastinators specifically, like using a rewards system. Other surprising yet helpful tips are to listen to classical music while you study to keep your mind on track, and to chew a specific type of gum while studying and then chew the same gum during the test. These are things we can use to motivate us to study, or at least make it a little more interesting.

Read This:

If you’re a struggling college student in desperate need of something to relate to, this is the poem for you. A slight spin on the classic tale, “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” this blog post takes us on a journey through a student’s last night to study for the dreaded finals. From a well-intentioned hamburger to the funeral of an e-reader, this story is wild from beginning to finish. Can you spot where our protagonist went wrong?

Do This:

There are a couple ways that were not listed in the video above that can be effective while studying. If you’re having trouble studying, stress-managing, or focusing, try some of these:

  • Teach others what you’ve learned. Explaining what you have absorbed from your professors, notes, and textbooks to whomever will listen can better help you understand them, too.
  • Practice self-control. You’re probably going to look for any distraction when you’re studying. The only time I go to the gym is when I have actual work to do. But you’re better than that. Eat a nice, hearty meal and check your phone before you start, because that’s the last you’ll see of it until you’re ready for your exams.
  • Know when you’ve had enough. Everyone has their limits when it comes to studying, so get to know yours. You won’t obtain anything if you’re juggling a hundred things at once, so give yourself a break once in a while.
  • Pet a dog. This is just common sense.
  • Once you’ve walked out of that classroom, pull a John Bender and thrust a mighty fist in the air, because you deserve it.

Written by: Susie Fox, Peer Educator

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