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The issues behind the topic of the LGBT community have certainly drummed up plenty of controversy throughout our history. In just this year alone there has been many discussions regarding the rights of these citizens. From the Supreme Court ruling that gay couples nationwide can legally be married to Bruce Jenner making the transformation to Caitlyn Jenner, it sure has been a win for the LGBTQ community.

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In the Buzzfeed-produced video below, narrators celebrate interesting LGBT facts. It also talks about the experiences of the LGBT community in this country. Looking at topics such as marriage, changing opinions, as well as the symbolism of the LGBT flag. The video lays the groundwork for a much better understanding of the community:
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This article is provides an outline with additional information about the Supreme Court ruling of same sex marriage. It also features some opinions and dissents from members of the Supreme Court.

Do This: Understanding LGBT Terms

Cisgender: Someone whose gender identity, expression, and biological sex match on a personal level.

Gender Fluidity: This is someone who has fluctuating mix of biological sex and gender identity and expression. For these individuals, they may not be bound into a gender binary. In addition, they are more likely to recognize themselves as unlabeled.

Gender Expression: Through a combination of factors, a person’s determined gender is pronounced. This could include things like the clothes worn, behaviors, and mannerisms. Gender expression often falls between the binaries of male and female.

Gender Identity: An internal understanding of which gender you identify with and prefer to be referred to.

Biological Sex: Determined by genitalia, this term is increasingly outdated as it places you into a category of sex at birth.

Written by Peer Educator Xaria Anderson and Peer Mentor/Intern Riley Ackley

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