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You might be asking yourself- what does it mean to live like a Minimalist? Well, let’s start with the meaning of being a minimalist. According to, a minimalist is “a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals.” Now, apply this definition to a life style. Living minimalistic means reducing the amount of stuff you own, but enjoying the stuff you do have to the fullest. Think about it. What percentage of the things that you own actually get used on a regular basis? Right now you might be realizing that you possess more things than you actually need. Join me in this blog article as I share some tips as to how you can start a minimalistic life.

Read This:

This guest post by Lori Lippincott of Loving Simple Living, “The Life Cycle of a Minimalist”, walks you through all of the states of becoming a minimalistic person. It states that we all pass through the stage of trying to find a relationship of quality rather than quantity. Then, step-by-step it guides you on what to do to start your first minimalistic project. Some early tips include cleaning out your closet and separating clothes you use weekly and clothes you have only worn once or twice. It explains the feelings you get once you have done your first project and what this lifestyle will lead you to. This article is perfect for those who are curious about the topic since it narrates the story of someone starting live as a minimalist.


Watch This:

This video is an example of a person who has decided to not only have a minimalistic lifestyle but a minimalistic home as well. Here, we are able to see how such a small space is able to provide so much quality and satisfaction. As Graham Hill states, the lower number of possessions you have, leads to less stress you experience, and the more you will get to enjoy the things you do own. Join him in this short video as he introduces you to his minimalist life.


Do this: Let’s start with how to get started. An important first step might look simple but it can be overwhelming. So, let’s focus on your closet.

  1. Think about quality and longevity. Once you keep these two things in mind, you will prevent yourself from getting clothes that you will only use once, since you will be paying more for them. This will also help you pick things out that you actually like and are likely to wear often.
  2. Be your own personal stylist. Who says that we need a bunch of clothes to look fabulous? If you have someone in mind, don’t listen to them. Having less clothes doesn’t mean you will wear the same thing every day but, you will find creative ways to combine what you do have to make it look like your own closet (Think Mia from The Princess Diaries). This is a great opportunity to be unique and make your own fashion shine!
  3. Be aware of “sales” shopping. You don’t actually need all that stuff. Just because it is 50% off, it doesn’t mean that it must be in your closet. Let someone who actually needs it and will use it to the fullest, have it. This will be challenging at the beginning, but as you get your mind to start adapting to your new lifestyle, it will become easier.
  4. Pick favorite accessories. Most of us want to stick out at least a bit when we pass by. This is an excellent way of doing it. Once you pick the accessory that goes with the type of clothes you wear every day, people will start connecting you with that kind of accessory. Those around you will connect it with you every time they see it. Also, this can relieve you from feeling stress every morning when you are trying to pick out an accessory for the day ahead.

Remember: “The more things you own, the more they own you.” — Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

Written by Stacy Palacios, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: living a minimalist life