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This video helps show the negative side of marijuana!  Although marijuana is legalized in a few states in America, that doesn’t mean side effects don’t come along with it. This video is definitely worth watching the whole 8 minutes. You get to hear multiple life stories from people who smoked weed very often back in the day. It is very informative and helps you see things from a new perspective!
Marijuana is a gateway drug. It has lead people to do meth, cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, etc. People start to get addicted and crave to be “high.” Eventually, smoking all the time can lead people to build up a tolerance to marijuana. So they find other ways to feel “high,” thus, they try other drugs.

Many of these individuals in the video had real dreams and goals for the future. Unfortunately, most of them never made it that far. So take this into consideration the next time you think about smoking or trying out any drug!

Read This:

Read this article about laced marijuana! Poor quality marijuana can be laced to make the weed stronger/seem better than it actually is. Sometimes laced marijuana is used to get customers to get addicted! “It is also not unheard of for users to add heroin, meth, PCP, and MDMA.” This just goes to show that although marijuana may be legal in some states, that does not mean it is safe. Laced weed can lead to vomiting, hallucinations, dizziness, organ failure, and even death.

Do This: Know the side effects of weed!
Just like I mentioned above, weed can lead to many negative side effects. So before you decide to smoke, you should be aware of the possible side effects that can come along with it.
1. Dizziness
2. Increased appetite
3. Memory Loss
4. Lack of motivation
5. Depression
6. Anxiety
7. Lung problems
8. Stunted brain development.
9. Worsened mental health conditions
10. Dependency, addiction, withdrawal

Written and Researched by Peer Educator, Megan Tuohey

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