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Today the media is almost glamorizing substance use, just a few years ago we all remember Lindsay Lohan’s constant run in with the law because of her infinite number of DUI’s.  I knew it was bad, there were photos of her in court, videos of her lashing out, and headlines about her.  It got to the point where I wondered, what’s so great about substance use.  I mean she’s getting in trouble with the law over and over; whatever she’s using it must be good because she won’t leave it alone. Check this article out, the media influences us more than we think. In a sense some aspects of the media is our peer because it relates to us when discussing age groups and different interest.

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There’s also music videos in the media in which someone in the video is usually doing some type of drug and if there isn’t a video for the song, the song has a word or two (or all words) about substance use, just listen closely to Drink you away – Justin Timberlake and Chandelier – Sia. Most of these celebrities are our peer (or was our age not too long ago). Now, a peer is someone who is equal to another in some significant way (age, social status,abilities, etc).  Our peers tend to have a lot of influence on us and the media knows how popular they are. The media tends to exploit negative aspects of our peers’ lives.

Do This:

I challenge you to master your impulses against that massive influential thing that just keeps getting bigger and bigger … the media. If you have trouble staying off of social media, or off of the television you can do things that occupy your time with positivity. Don’t let the media take over your mind!

  • Get a productive hobby such as:
    • Going to the gym
    • Registering for a pottery class
    • Registering for a kickboxing class
  • Set constant goals for yourself such as:
    • Finishing a number of books
    • Saving money, looking up coupons and deals
    • Supporting friends at their careers/interest (concert, dance show, theatre)

There are a lot of ways however our peers no matter who they are do positive things. Stay active in the gym, stay in the books, educate yourself, broaden your mind, pick up a productive hobby.

Written and researched by Peer Educator, Shakira Samuels

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