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Still being the beginning of this spring semester, it is a great idea to implement a routine fitness plan now. Personally when I have a set schedule that I get used to, it is much easier for me to follow through! Here are some helpful sources to spark some motivation to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!

Watch this:

“TEDxOrlando Wendy Suzuki – Exercise and the Brain”

We all need some reasoning and motivation to began a change. This Ted Talk discusses the connection between exercise and the brain. “I have to study, I don’t have time to go to the gym!” We have all said or heard this excuse before. As college students we will take all we can to be better students and more efficient. Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki explains how exercise can benefit cognitive ability. So if the physical aspects just aren’t doing it for you, maybe hearing this will be the affirmation you need to implement regular exercise!

Read this:

Most fitness articles tell us the same motivational tips for keeping a routine, but this article is a nice change of pace. “The 3 R’s of Habit Change: How to Start New Habits That Actually Stick” gives general tips and tricks on how to form any type of habit. The author, James Clear, gives very realistic and up-front advice on how to start and keep any habit, like working out! What resonated with me was his point on starting small. I am someone who likes to jump in head first and often I become overwhelmed and discouraged. James Clear is a behavioral psychologist and has several other helpful articles to follow this read.

Do this:

  • Be accountable! Find group exercise classes at the fitness centers that fit your schedule and go regularly or make plans to work out with a friend. I know when I have someone else counting on me, I am much more likely to follow through!
  • Have fun! Find the type of exercise that you enjoy. One shoe does not fit all and luckily nowadays there are so many available ways to stay fit. If you enjoy nature, go for walks! Here in Oswego on warm days I will just walk down to the the canal or down past Rudy’s and boy do I work up a sweat! But during the winter if you’re like me and avoid the cold as much as possible, get yourself a yoga mat and do some at home exercises! You do not need a full gym to work up a sweat. Campus also has many free opportunities such as recreation sports at Lee Hall, lakeside yoga, and aquafit classes!
  • Plan, plan, plan! If I know that on Tuesdays I have a class by the gym and a long break after, I will bring my gym bag with me to class. This saves me a long round trip to the gym that I know will end up being my excuse not to go.
  • Take breaks. It is important not to overwork yourself. In the end it will only discourage you from moving forward. I am a firm believer in rest, you need to rejuvenate to keep yourself at your best! Rest days are important too.


Written by Peer Educator, Amanda George

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