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Black Friday has become an American tradition during the holiday season fortunately or unfortunately. Thousands of people congregate at their local malls and shopping centers the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of some severely discounted prices. It’s a great opportunity for college kids that are strapped for cash and can’t afford extravagant gifts for the holidays. If you want to brave the chaos, we’re here to help you along the way.

Watch This:

Bard Tales Productions released this hilarious analogy for Black Friday by creating a parody of “The Hunger Games.” It’s good to keep in mind that a lot of people do see the day as a shopping competition, and might even try to fight you for that one amazing deal. While entirely funny, the parody does showcase just how seriously people take this. By preparing yourself for what’s ahead, you can make sure to stay extra safe this year.
That being said, your experience doesn’t have to be totally stressful! This second video by Honey Golightly will give you a few great tips on how to make your Black Friday experience a positive and successful one. (Just as a heads up, there are a couple of words in this video that some might consider offensive language.)

Read This:

U.S. News published this article with more helpful tips on how to make the most of your Black Friday shopping, especially for first-timers. The biggest piece of advice the article has to offer is to make a plan for your trip, with tips on how to prepare and execute that plan successfully. By planning out your trip, you can avoid chaos which in turn will lead to a less stressful situation. After all, who needs more stress in their lives?

Do This:

With all this new knowledge and the mental preparation you’ve done, you’re definitely ready to take on Black Friday 2015. But, just in case you’re still not sure where to start, here are the five most important tips to remember.

  1. Make a plan and stick to it. If you know exactly where you need to go to get exactly what you need, it’ll be easier for you to stay focused. It’s easy to get sidetracked on a day like this; all those red discount stickers can paint a pretty picture. Let’s face it, having a plan will make the most out of your trip.
  2. Be nice and take the high road. Kindness toward a retail worker is always appreciated, and will brighten their day immensely. Honey Golightly mentioned that many retail workers don’t have much of a choice in being there, but have to anyways. Go easy on them, and try to understand that they are a human being and deserve respect. If you can’t find an employee to help you, be patient, as they’re probably already assisting four other customers.. Honey also emphasizes the importance of patience when dealing with other customers; if someone wants to fight with you over a product, take the high road and let them have it. Fights only add to the overall chaos of the day.
  3. Be safe. If you go out with a group, make sure you all set up a place to meet in case you get separated. Keep in mind that cell phone service might be lacking with so many people packed into one area. So if you separate on purpose, you should also set a time to meet at your designated area.
  4. Stay energized! If you go at the beginning of the sales, the lines will probably wind throughout the store, and you could potentially be standing there for hours. Bring water and a snack with you to keep your energy up. Caffeinated drinks would also be a big help if you need a stronger pick-me-up!
  5. If you don’t get something on your list, don’t fret! In recent years, the Monday following Black Friday has become known as Cyber Monday, as most retailers will offer the same deals online. And you can always get gift cards. These allow the receiver to pick out anything they want, and might even make them happier than what you had in mind in the first place.

Overall, Black Friday is manageable chaos. It’s a crazy experience, and something everyone should go through at least once in their lives and now that you’re fully prepared to tackle those door-busters, you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. Make sure you have plenty of time to digest before that shopping marathon!

Written by Allison Flanagan, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Crowd