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With spring break coming up many of you guys have plans to go to different states or even different countries.  These adventures, while fun, can also feel scary and risky.   During your stay in an unknown place, you could face dangers. Here are some tips that you can take with you when traveling along.

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This TED talk with Apollo Robbins talks about how easy it is for people to not pay attention to what is going on around them. Apollo Robbins is known as the “greatest pickpocket in the world. In addition, he is also a deception specialist. He talks about how easy it is for someone to not pay attention to what they are doing and thus, unaware of their surroundings.  Apollo talks about how some people can be more perceptive to their surroundings than others. He also touches on travel and how tourists should take care to be extra aware of their surroundings.

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This Huffington Post article is about some essential travelling apps that every person should have when they are traveling abroad. Now you can chuck those traveling guidebooks in the recycling bin and just use a phone that is on your person 24/7.  Some of the apps that Huffington Post recommends purchasing are Tile, SayHi Translate, and Footspotting. If you are like me and need a dummy string for everything you own, then Tile is the app for you. You can have up to eight items with a tile on it and with the app you can track those no matter where they go. This is a great option to keep track of anything that may have been stolen.  The Sayhi app is a translator.  It uses your own words and tries to get them to the native language as you say them aloud. This could be a lot of help if you do not know the language of the country you are going to.  The last app is my personal favorite, it’s called Foodspotting. It is a food photo blogging app, where you can see reviews and pictures of dishes at the restaurants you’re near to. These are just some of the amazing apps that are listed throughout this article that help you have a smoother vacation.

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Do This:

  1. Plan your spontaneity: This is an oxymoron but when you are in a foreign country and want to see everything and explore everywhere you will simply not have enough time to just be spontaneous. Make sure you make time to get away from the tourist attractions and go off the beaten track.
  2. Know the Laws: This may seem like a no-brainer but if you are not familiar with the laws of the country you are in, you may put yourself in a very sticky situation. America has very different laws than the rest of the world.
  3. Pack a set of clothes in your carry-on: Always be prepared for anything. You never know what might happen to your baggage or where it could end up. If you do not want to be stuck in the same clothes for your entire trip make sure you pack some more clothes in your carry-on so that you won’t fall into this unfortunate trap.
  4.  Bring snacks: Travelling abroad can be a good way to step outside your comfort zone and experience an entirely different culture. The foreign country you are adventuring to may have some foods you are either not used to or may not have even heard of before.  To help fill this gap, bring food that you like to make sure you eat while in the foreign country.
  5.  Always have local cash: Make sure when you are in a local country to have cash that is local currency.  Not every place you visit will have a credit card option, or will take U.S currency.  Also having local money could also be a good memento to save from your trip, so you have some physical thing that will remind you about the trip.


Written By Emily Cooley, Peer Educator

Photo Cred: Map